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Since 1998, Grandma Rubin’s Peppernuts  or
Pfeffernusse have been imparting a provocative and
satisfying taste experience to those who savor life’s
special pleasures... like fine wines, breads, cheeses,
chocolates, full-flavored coffees and teas.  We hope you
Peppernuts (Pfeffernusse) as much as we've
enjoyed preparing them for you.
Phil & DeeDee Silva
Baked from an old family recipe passed down through the generations, Peppernut (aka
) cookies evoke both memories of the past and celebration of the present.  They
remind us of when we were children and first tasted them, yet bring flavorful and rich enjoyment
to today.
Peppernuts (Pfeffernusse) add just the right touch to any setting and gathering.  Bold
and delectable, yet palate cleansing, they pair delightfully with freshly brewed coffe, tea, or ice-
cold milk.  But they also possess that little something extra to enrich the wine tasting
experience as well.

Peppernuts - Pfeffernusse are affordable and tasteful in the following settings:

  •        High-end coffee shops, roasters & specialty grocery stores
  •        Gift shops and gift basket fillers
  •        Wine tasting complement
  •        Corporate customer & prospective client gifts
  •        Savory party snacks for gatherings of friends & family
  •        Lounging on a couch or Adirondack chair
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"Taste and see that the Lord is good."   Ps 34:8

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